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LoopMangler 1.0

LoopMangler 1.0

LoopMangler Publisher's Description

LoopMangler gives you extensive control over four mono sample loops (or ext. input) at your fingertips to mix and treat them to your desire. Due to a streamlined interface most functions are obvious so you can start right off tweaking existing loops. The device features a new "unlock main preset list" handling, which disconnects the main preset list from the different sections, so you can change main and the sections preset list independant from each other, which gives you a wide contol range over preset handling. The loops are divided in 16 to ext. or int. clock syncable sections, which you can switch on/off. So you can easily determine, when a loop part should be hearable or not. Each section can alter the start/end point and therefor duration, while start and end point are tied together. Additionally you can put a high, low or band pass on every section, modulated by a sync'ed LFO. This way you can e.g.remove a hihat just for the choosen section. The other four LFOs (making 8 together) provide a flexible rooting to 16 destinations. The distortion stage features different kind of distortions due to some special prefiltering and includes a bass enhancement / exciter section. Due to the massive amount of controls there are some additional windows available, where not frequently used controls are placed. These contain e.g. controls for the LFO, the envelope for the gates, settings for the filters and the distortion stage. Although there are many features included, the dsp consumption is actually quite low due to intelligent dsp usage guidelines. E.g. each unused filter section unloads from dsp automatically as well as there are switches to unload the distortion stage manually from dsp. For additional information please read the online manual or the downloadable version

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